A Sport For Life

In Japan there are great numbers of people who think of softball as a way to enjoy a competitive sport all the way through their lives.
From Elementary and Junior High School levels, there are further categories for Men (15yrs and above), Over 40s, Over 50s, Seniors (Over 59) and High Seniors (Over 65). Categories for women include Ladies(15yrs and over), Elder (over 35s), Eldest(over50s). The JSA, through softball, caters for the whole age range and provides people of both sexes with a platform on which to enjoy physical exercise to the fullest, with the best teams competing for the National Championships.
For most people in Japan who love the sport, from children through to elderly players, the “Windmill Fast Pitch” style of softball is more commonplace. However, within senior playing circles, the “Slow Pitched Style” is making a comeback. What`s more, incorporating a softer bat and ball with the “Slow Pitch” version, kids in Elementary Schools and Junior High Schools are playing this new kind of softball as part of their Physical Education curriculum.

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